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Open House
Last Fridays Art Walk

Friday, August 27th, 6 - 9 PM

Artist Reception
Thursday, Sept. 2nd, 5 - 7 PM

Confluent: marked by or exhibiting confluence, such as a flowing or coming together; e.g. confluent streams/rivers

Confluent is a body of work exploring the relationship between humans and nature, with inspiration gathered primarily on the water; specifically the inner and outer banks of North Carolina and the West Coast of Ireland. Images and materials collected from those regions are prominent in the works, and the dialogue with those materials speaks of the distinctive history and beauty of these places and the people who have inhabited them.
About the Artist
One cannot walk downtown in Hillsborough without coming face to face with the work of Jim Adams. His handiwork seems to be everywhere; gracing gathering places old and new, beloved by locals and visitors alike, including the Wooden Nickel, Radius Pizza, Cup-A-Joe, and Nomad.
Jim describes himself as a “Father, Traveling Buddy, Waterman, Artist and Documentarian; I make my way through the world observing places and people. I’m fascinated by nature and the people who collaborate with it to exist.”
Jim’s studio practice is based in Hillsborough, NC and in Washington, NC.