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Recent Artworks by
Debbie Corina

Exhibit Extended!
Reception &
Last Fridays Art Walk

Friday, October 28th, 2022 6 - 9 PM
Music by the King Street Jazz Quartet

View in the Hallway Gallery
7 Days/Week thru Oct. 29nth

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Artist Statement

The past couple years have been trying in so many ways. It has taught us to adopt an “It's fine; I'm fine; everything is fine'' mindset. Toxic positivity for the sake of self preservation. We do the things needed to get through our days, work, and take care of our families. We navigate through the negative things going on in our world; conflict, pandemic, political discord, our precarious planet. They immerse us in a constant hum. A resonance connects all of us, and is difficult to ignore.

One of the things that I love most about encaustic is that despite my deliberate mark making, it somehow evolves and becomes relevant to whatever frequency I am on at the time. Each piece in this series was, at some point in the process, serene and beautiful. Each time I found myself weirdly unsettled with the harmony of it, though, and I would go back in with darker marks, scratching into the wax, intuitively defacing the facade. 

I feel that these pieces remind us that leaning into the heavy things, and validating the discomfort, is sometimes necessary for our own mental health. 
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About Debbie Corina

Debbie Corina moved to Hillsborough, NC in 2009, where she found a vibrant, unique art community. She has found it incredibly inspiring talking to other artists, learning their stories, and seeing their work. Debbie has been creating art for as long as she can remember, and considers it a vital means of expression. Her early work was primarily commissioned portraits rendered in graphite. In 2005, Debbie started Art From The Heart Portraits, fully embracing the challenge of creating expressive work in black and white, taking care to pull out fine details and depict the subject with heart and soul. She later fell head over heels with color. She worked extensively in soft pastel. The immediacy of the medium...being able to quickly paint confident marks of pure, vibrant pigment was alluring. Seeking additional means of expressing brilliant, bold ideas, Debbie began to experiment with Encaustic painting. She was immediately smitten with it. Taking inspiration from nature and emotion, she finds it exciting to see each piece change and grow into something beautiful, and sometimes mysterious. The molten wax often takes on a life of its own, and ultimately becomes just what it is meant to be. Debbie also works in colored pencil, acrylic and oil. Each medium brings its own unique experience, and new ways to represent her vision of the world around her.
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