Thomas Stevens Arts

SomeThyme 50th Anniversary Art Exhibit
Artists of SomeThyme Restaurant

Oct 13 - Oct 28

[Private Event]
SomeThyme 50th Anniversary Reception
Friday, Oct 13th, 2023 4 - 6 PM

Exhibit Open
Saturdays Oct 14, 21, & 28 11am - 5pm
By appointment, pop-up hours, and serendipity

Reception &
Last Fridays Art Walk

Friday, Oct 27th, 2023 6 - 9 PM
Music with singer/songwriter Bill West

In 1973 SomeThyme opened in Durham, NC at 1104 Broad Street, offering healthy vegetarian fare. In the words of co-founder Mary Rocap, SomeThyme was "more than a restaurant: we were a community that offered community, and in no time became an integral part of people's lives."

Aspiring to provide "food for both body and soul" SomeThyme (later Seventh Street) because a place not only for healthy meals, but art, poetry, and music.

In October members of that community are gathering to celebrate the 50th anniversary of SomeThyme's founding, and I am honored to host a special exhibition of the art and artists artists associated with this extraordinary place.

Exhibit Artists
Artworks in this exhibit span decades and represent phenomenal artistic excellence.
Artists include: Polly Craige, Beverly Dawson, Erica Eisdorfer, Hilary Honig Ensminger, Diane Gore, Leslie Hankins, Ellen Hill, Patricia Walach Keogh, Joe Linus, Nancy Tuttle May, Steven Ray Miller, Johnathan Moss, Annie Nashold, Tom Prince, Dino Read, Russell Rigsbee, Mary Rocap, Sue Sneddon, Emily Weinstein, John Rosenthal, and Caroline Hickman Vaughan.

SomeThyme Author’s Books & CD’s
Allen Dawson, Georgeann Eubanks, Leslie Hankins, Marioleine Kars, Joe Linus, Steve Mooney, Mary Rocap